Wednesday , October 20 2021

The WHO offers five tips to keep a healthy diet during the holidays. News of Gipuzkoa


The World Health Organization (WHO) has provided five tips for healthy eating during the holidays, such as eating a lot of foods, reducing salt, reducing fat and oil, reducing sugar intake and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption.

MADRID When Christmas arrives, the WHO will give a lot of benefits to "2019 and beyond" following a healthy and balanced diet. "We eat and drink foods, the ability to fight infections and the health risks of future health, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and different types of cancers."

The specific components of the healthy diet depend on different factors, such as the age and activity of each person, as well as the types of foods available in our environment, but the WHO says that following these guidelines it is easy to follow. First of all, they recommend a variety of diets, because "food does not need all the necessary nutrients."

Daily diets invite you to eat a mix basic foods such as wheat, corn, rice, and potatoes, such as lentils, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as food of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs or milk). If possible, recommend those that are not.

du saltAnother factor to control is, according to the WHO, that "too much blood pressure can be generated, because heart disease and stroke are an important risk factor." "Most people consume too much salt: on average, we consume twice the recommended 5 gram limit (one teaspoon one) per day in the WHO", they recall.

Reducing the use of several fatsand oilsIt's another tip. "We need some fat in a diet, but excessive eating, especially types of illnesses, obesity, heart disease and stroke increases, and the industry produces trans fat for the most dangerous health." Fatty acids in this type of fat increase the risk of almost 30 percent. " they say

They also help reduce consumption sugarBecause it is only because it is "bad teeth", but "it increases the risk of catching weight and obesity, leading to chronic and serious health problems." As with salt, it is very important to find the hidden & # 39; Consider the number of sugars. "For example, a single soda can have 10 tablespoons of sugar added," they warned.

Finally, remember alcohol"It's not a healthy diet." "Drinking too much or more often, injury causes an immediate risk, which causes long-term effects, such as liver damage, cancer, heart disease and mental illness," they argue.

WHO thinks it's "safe level" for alcohol. "For many people, for example, pregnant women, drivers, medication or alcoholism, although the lowest incomes may have significant risks," they concluded.

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