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The WHO says that the tactics of the palm oil industry conspiracy are similar to alcohol and tobacco


Posted 09/01/2019 11:06:37CET

MADRID, January 9 (Reuters / EP) –

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the palm industry establishes similar tactics of alcohol and tobacco industries to affect the impact of research. The health of this product.

"Although the relationships between palm oil and processed food and industry industries are detected by the tobacco and alcohol industry practices, the palm industry has low comparatively low control," said the authors of the work.

Planting palms of oils, especially Malaysia and Indonesia, cover the size of New Zealand, and there is a growing demand for countries not to ban trans fat, something that the WHO world wants to ban for 2023.

In this regard, WHO warns that oil oil is stronger than most other vegetable oils and eliminates trans fats.

It will be possible to enter more than 200 NATIONAL ALTERNATIVES

"Labeling is often not clear, and palm oil goes into more than 200 alternative names that appear frequently in cookies and chocolates," the United Nations added.

The mixed evidence of the impact of palm-tree health is confused, although studies link the consumption of some diseases, causing a reduction in arterial heart disease by increasing the risk of death.

However, experts say they have found nine investigations, "abolished" healthcare associations, even four Malaysian Palm Oil Council.

"The challenge of assessment suggests that an independent and comprehensive study is required, in order to ensure that the health impacts on palm oil consumption," said researchers, "to be one of the main concerns." palm particles in fetal and child mortality.

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