Wednesday , September 28 2022

The WOM fires against Entel, Claro and Movistar in the spectrum debate. | technology


Quico serial character parody The Chavo of the 8th, wom Claro, shot by Entel and Telefónica.

The company led by Chris Bannister launched its three vibrant stores, often called "Clavistel", in the midst of a new judicial trial in the return spectrum.

Last day of June Supreme Court He demanded the return of the spectrum, which the companies said by the WOM asked the Supreme Court to review the verdict.

Since the WOM is unacceptable, that is, a new campaign was launched.

The company says "Chile has more competition and the importance of fighting for a better quality in the telecommunications market".

The video reports a court process and "Kikos" makes three customizations and does not want to share any expectations, it forces the judge "Clavistel" for the benefit of all consumers.

"As a company, we are committed to all consumers in the country, whether they are WOM clients. Spectra is for everyone, so it is impossible for the makers to refrain from ruling the Supreme Court ruling, In addition, the review in its position ", explained Sebastián Precht, WOM's CMO.

As the executive says, it wants to guarantee the allocation and effective use of the file to access the best technologies for this 5th Way.

"This is why we believe it is essential that we understand this nature of those people and understand the nature of what is discussed in this case and understand how decisions affect competition and the digital development of the country, which is why we all need this," he said.

What is the importance of the radio spectrum?

Basically, the energy wave is a segment of the atmosphere that travels, allowing voice, data and video.

As stated in an article in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Alberto Hurtado, The spectrum is a good nation for public use.

In other words, "the domain is from the whole nation and its use belongs to all the inhabitants of the nation." So there are beaches and roads.

It should be taken into account that this spectrum is fixed, requiring an allocation method to guarantee an efficient use. There are several bands – 700 Mhz, 1200 Mhz and 3500 Mhz. Each one has some features that determine its usability.

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