Wednesday , January 20 2021

The yellow alert is located in Nevados de Chillán

Onemi has informed that the yellow afternoon has remained in the towns of Pinto, Coihueco and San Fabian, in the Ñuble region, due to the complex of the volcanoes of Chillán. Sernageomin, on the other hand, maintains an orange technical alert after an explosion-cracked event.

Due to the recent special report on Volcanic Activity (REAV), at 03:00 p.m., facilities of the nearby complex facility installations recorded an explosion event in the event of a long-term earthquake. within the volcanic system associated with liquid dinosaurs.

The earthquake was recorded in a kilometer in depth and the explosion was associated with the recording of a seismic signal with a displacement value of 599 cm2, which is high.

In addition, pollutants that link gas emissions and high temperature pyroclastic material were observed, stored in the area of ​​active crater. This allows us to partially destroy the dome nest inside the crater.

After the event, no other anomalous signal was recorded. Likewise, this event is indicated in the current state of the recall.

The yellow alert is valid from December 31, 2015. On July 14, 2018, the recommendation for preparing a 3-km radius of active crate was maintained and the recommendation for preparation of emergency plans was updated. potential risk

The technical alert warnings on orange level have significant variations in the development of the volcanic process resulting from the analysis of parameter indicators, where a probable eruption can be developed during days or weeks.

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