Tuesday , January 25 2022

Their shirts were used as fabrics: carabinieri were born nationally in the street


Sunday mornings Four police officers were attending a woman (Identified with VPA under age 28) He started off on Iquique street.

Sudden uniforms arrived at a police car, on the street of Maid on the street of Iulia, at Iquique, in a street situation, a woman asked for medical help until the baby was born.

Carabineros officials requested help from another police car, and among four troops "un ruco" (housing improvisation) Women lived and protected textiles and cardboard under extreme poverty conditions.

du Carabineros used shirts as cloths and other basic elements, if requested by the SAMU and an ambulance, Police officers should act quickly in the same place as that baby, a girl in good condition, and with her mother with police cars at the hospital of Iquique Hospital Hospital.

Regarding the doctor, the newborn arrived in good condition and when the world arrived at 0:52 on Sunday, January 6, 2.770 kilograms and 45.5 inches tall.

Place where the birth came
| Chilean police officers
The place where the Carabineros participated in Chile |

Carabinieri was the second lieutenant Carlos Abett to take part in the training session; Rodrigo Menares and Héctor Epuña lieutenants, besides the second body of Sebastián Gatica, at the dawn at Iquique, on the Z-5819 bridges and the Z-7101 of the Carabineros de Iquique.

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