Monday , January 24 2022

Then it happened: Brazilians are the top punitive opponent of "piping" International Football Championship


It happened: young Brazilian guy

The match between Botafogo and Cuiabá took place, although the coach questioned his reaction.

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In Brazilian football it is common for players to enjoy luxuries and games. However, some people do not take well when they play a great game, in the case of young people Botafogo, Luis Henrique.

"Fogão" and Cuiabá collaborated on the Junior Soccer Cup in San Pablo, known as Copinha 2019, and at the age of 33, Guilherme made "piping" to Luis Henrik. "Lonely Star" player He did not humiliate him, and gave him a violent shot.

The referee immediately expelled the player, although the coach confirmed and denied the prisoner.

In the end, Botafogo was not overcome and the match ended 1-0 against Cuiabá.

After a violent shot kick "suffered"


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