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There is only one "Wizard" and walks on a camel

There's no better reflection than Ivo Basay, after a champagne, tears and tears. "Three months ago we opened the coffin cover … I was left with that," said Palestinian players "Hueso" after winning 2-1 on the stage of Tallares de Córdoba and Libertadores.

As if it were a Hollywood movie, the Arab Adventures wrote like happiness and fear. He had to suffer the rising camel's victory. And feed Imagine that he was from Argentina, swelling in the face of Frank Kudelka, which opened the San Carlos de Apoquindo score.

At 20, Dayro Moreno covered pallets and opened the account. But lunge visitors did not do anything, but instead left the limitless square and in the minute 70. Lucho Jiménez, far from the band's standard, played a game in the PlayStation game, Agustín Farías Agustín, and "Pájaro" Gutiérrez.

The objective of "Mage", perhaps, was the only "wizard" in Chile today to classify after 2-2 of the first leg of Cordova. But "Tino" does not know how to step on and at 90. Cristóbal Jorquera, with another great goal, sealed the Butler round. This will lead to heavy fighting, River Plate, the current Liberator's master.

"This is my most important game of my career," said Jimenez, when he left the rubbish of San Carlos, "President Tino", Jorge Uauy, said "we have not eliminated other teams' groups." "U" a stick?

On April 24, America will be the champion of the River

They are not carriers, but Basay was right. "Before starting this adventure, the classification would come between independent Medellin and Sao Paulo," said Hueso, the merit of the first international national victory of the season.

But the group was opened "and we were classified", added Basay, pleading with A to round A to enjoy less than Plaka River.

The match that will be played against Milurtekes will be played on March 13 in Núñez, the Libertadores champion will come to Chile on April 24, as expected, it will be San Carlos de Apoquindo.

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