Tuesday , January 25 2022

There was a great proliferation of mosquitoes through it


du Paraguayan Ministry of Health He announced through a statement 11-country regions have a high risk of "larval infection" for mosquito Aedes aegypti, The Dengue transmitter was therefore asked to remove the population from their breeding sites.

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The authorities explained that the outbreak of the epidemic epidemic is at stake, not just dengue, but also Zika and Chikungunya, Which also makes Aedes aegypti.

The most dangerous regions are Ñeembucú and Guaira The Central Zone and the San Pedro departments, in the center, and the Itapúa south.

According to El Diario, in order to eliminate the possible growth of mosquitoes, it must be kept very clean, without losing its waste and leaving the container left by the water, the favorite spot of the Aedes aegypti breed.

In Paraguay only 3,800 dengue cases were registered in 2018, 15 of whom were killed.

In Argentina and Brazil they also created an alert to overcome the boundaries of nations.

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