Saturday , January 28 2023

There was no agreement: the mobilization of public employees on Wednesday will continue


On Wednesday, civil servants' mobilizations will continueSince it was not reached by a new meeting between the Government and the fiscal authorities, it will be directed to sector workers.

Appointed at the Ministry of Finances The finance minister Felipe Larraín and Nicolás Monckeberg's employment contract were not there.

President of the Workers' Central Unit (CUT) Bárbara Figueroa, the ministers did not question the meeting: "The ministers did not participate, so the economic issues could not be advanced".

In that regard, he said: "I do not have the power to settle in figures and, therefore, It does not matter if a minister resolved or not".

"It is important if you did not participate, do it an indispensable reason and explained to us that, as a result of a mixed committee debate, the Minister of the Treasury was unable to participate. The Minister of Labor did not give an explanation, "said Figueroa.

"However, the presidents and presidents (trade unions) have decided to make progress on the general aspects of the protocol, as well as issues related to the related issues," he explained.

That is why Figueroa said, "Tomorrow (Wednesday) from 9:30 a.m. we call the talk of the numbers that are facing and if the guilds allow an agreement to be signed. "

Treasure: There is more than one figure

Much, in the Congress, the Minister of Property, Felipe Larrain, make sure "in addition to the figure, We are trying to clear up other issues".

"There are many sectoral issues, for example, some who have been involved in incentives to retire some trades. There are other issues related to others 2019 Work Agenda, with the sectorial tables that are also interesting for the guilds. And there's a figure too"he said.

"Then What we want to do is see if we clear all other issues and then, even if we agree with the pictureTherefore, the will of the part of the Government has been expressed and I believe that it is the will of the trade unions. That's the thing However, as in the negotiations, we are sometimes on the road", Certified by Larrain.

It should be noted that La Moneda proposes a salary adjustment of 3.1% of salary, at least 3.5%.

This Wednesday, from 9:30 p.m., there will be a new meeting between management and civil servants.

Besides, At 10:30 they called a flag in all the regions of the country, in the Santiago Constitution Square.

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