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These apps allow you to have mobile browsing on any Android device


One of the main features of Android 9 Pie is to navigate gestures, Apple's whimsical removal of Apple's Apple X button. However, even though Google has made this feature on Pixel 3, all manufacturers are not activating updates. Do not mention it millions of devices are still anchored in previous versions Operating System.

However, there are many in Google Play change the classic Android buttons (physical or virtual) to make gesture navigation. A few months ago we talked about Gesture Control, now we offer four other proposals compatible with Android 5 versions.

X house bar

X house bar

Although its developers claim that it adds this application Start button similar to iPhone X At the bottom of the screen, the bar is similar to Android 9 Pie. In any case, its operation is very simple: simply slide to the beginning to go back or left or right to open the last applications respectively.

Works on Android 4.1 or higher Various customization options and it can be downloaded for free. In addition, the pro version (2.09 euros) is available to add actions that you touch with the bar or double-click it.

X House Bar - for free

X House Bar – for free1.6.1

Fluid Navigation Guidelines

As compatible with Android 5.1 or later, this app can add and customize many functions with the two main gestures: "Move fast" and "Press and hold". These arrows can be activated on the bottom edge and on the three left and right areas of the screen.

Among the available features, go back, start, last apps, shared screen change, open notifications, fast settings, Google search, voice search … and your developer It promises to add more options. Fluid Navigation Guidelines can be downloaded for free, but offers purchases within the application.

Fluid Navigation Guidelines

Fluid Navigation Guidelines1.2.1-c

Change quickly – Sidebar and Foot Control

Change quickly

This app, which consumes little battery and is customizable, offers a sidebar use your mobile phone with one hand While we perform various tasks. It works in the background and you can slide it from the edge easily from any screen.

With a single slippery movement, we can change the latest applications, favorite applications and the latest applications used, extend the notification center, or activate or deactivate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and flashlights, among other things. Change quickly It's free and has no ads, but offers more purchases in the application and Pro version (4.99 euros). Android 5 or later is compatible.

Change quickly - Side Bar and Foot Control

Change quickly – Side Bar and Foot Control3.2.0.1

Navigational arrows – Move the arrow controls!

Navigation gestures

XDA Developers is compatible with applications running Android 5 or higher, this app is similar to X Home Bar, but it supports more gestures (touch, touch, press, and more). It offers more personalization options and it allows you to distribute the address bar in three areas.

Among the proposed actions in the free version, we go to the home page, go back, open the most recent applications, change the split screen (Android Nougat or above). Activate the wizard and hide the bar. There is also a Premium version (1.49 euros), such as viewing notifications, opening fast settings, changing the keyboard or making a screenshot, among other things.

Navigational arrows - Move the arrow controls!

Navigational arrows – Move the arrow controls!1.4.0-18_11_25_0646_54

  • developer: XDA
  • Download it here: Google Play
  • Price: for free
  • Category: personalization
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