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These are the best 2018 applications, according to Google

Every year Google collects the most important, with the largest database on the planet. We already know the programs most interested in Spanish and now it is the best turnaround of applications. The best of 2018 on Google Play Apps, games and content, including movies, TV shows, books and audio books. We will tell you what they are The 21 best applications we have left in 2018 (According to Google).

Drip: Learns 31 languages

  • What is? Learning language
  • Available: iOS (iPhone, iPad and Applewatch) and Android

Da The best 2018 app according to Google and it allows you to learn 31 languages. Korean, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Hebrew, or Esperanto are among the languages ​​that you can learn from illustrations and games. If learning one year's goal (finally) is another language, Drops is a good way to start.


  • What is? Editing photos
  • Available: iOS (iPhone) and Android

As Google's choice is more entertaining, it lets you create images in style Cinemagraph. Do you know the images that are moving in the photographic photo? Well, these scenes are the perfect way to get your profile on your Instagram profile. Choose a photo with Vimage and add 80 effects. You can also edit the photo edition as in any application, contrast, shine, saturation or cutting.


  • What is? Graphic design tool and photo editor
  • Available: iOS (iPhone, iPad and iMessage) and Android

This app will allow you Design and create content web of all kinds, posters, posters, infographics, documents, business cards, social networks, images, graphics, etc. Canva is simple and allows you to work with your templates or those already done.

Keep – Start exercise coach

  • What is? train
  • Available: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iMessenge, Apple Watch and Apple TV) and Android

I can not miss this list personal training application. This year, Google has chosen the Keep, more than 400 physical activities and over 40 types of training, the goal of which is the right idea.

Just one line

  • What is? Draw on augmented reality
  • Available: iOS (iPhone) and Android

It's Just a Line Reality experiment experiment to create simple drawings with your mobile phones and share a video. It's not a drawing on the mobile, but the mobile draws a stage that reaches a mobile camera.


  • What is? color
  • Available: iOS (iPhone) and Android

This application allows you to paint a color. Each color has a numerical identification, even though it looks like a child, that is incredibly relaxing. You will not think about it as you were painting at school.

Neverthink: Handpicked videos

  • What is? Video channel
  • Available: iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple TV) and Android

This app is unique collection of videos collected in different sections, Memes, LOL, Beauty or WTF. Every day video games stand out, which is as addictive as Instagram's stories. Videos you can confirm can not stop watching.

Tik Tok

  • What is? Social network and video editing
  • Available: iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

Surely you've posted on Instagram. The app, Musically old, is raging and iTunes is the most downloaded until November. Microvideo music social network Born in China, you can create it and upload it 15-second videos with visual and sound effects. You can use it to create videos that you can upload from other social networks, or upload them to Tik Tok.


  • What is? Social network
  • Available: iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

Remember that you sent letters on the beach to your friends? App sunset, Google's one of the best annual finds is for nostalgia. Gradually You can help with friends around the world with the same hobbies and send a virtual letter. It's not a dating application, but friends from the world.

FM Scout

  • What is? Social network and video editing
  • Available: iOS (iPhone) and Android

This application is a perfect substitute for a car radio, which is a podcast radio. FM Scout Collect podcasts and create "stations" in different subjects, like science, history, politics or mind. It also has the ability to adapt to your taste, and learn what you are interested in what you want and what you do not.


  • What is? edit it stories
  • Available: iOS (iPhone) and Android

It's a great app create your own templates stories Instagram-n. The diversion is very intuitive, easy and versatile. You can create a new one every time or use the ones already created, and do not worry, you do not leave a bit of image when you upload it to your Instagram story.


  • What is? Learn the program
  • Available: iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

One of the best applications to overcome 2018 has been chosen and committed. This allows you Learn gaming programs, build websites and automate aspects of your life. You have taught programming languages ​​like Python, Kotlin, Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL or PHP.


  • What is? Dream Diary
  • Available: Android

This app is chosen by Google as a discovery each year, that is digital sound magazine, but with a plus, it has a recorder, which activates what you say when you dream it (even when you smoke). Continue your dreams, rank, search and watch your progress since the app look for your dream dreamsYou realize that you are dreaming.

Learn Spanish with Lirica

  • What is? Learn Spanish
  • Available: iOS (iPhone) and Android

Experts say that learning is the best way to learn a language through music. This Google app selected in 2019 with the discoveries of 2018, you can learn Spanish art by letter from the art of your Latins. Nowadays everything that is left is to learn other languages ​​in Spanish, with the help of music.

10% Happier

  • What is? Learning meditation
  • Available: iOS (iPhone and Apple Watch) and Android

du mindfulness and meditation are fashionable, and this app is a sample. Google's chosen one is the best, the best to learn and improve, and Apple also chose the best 2018 application. It teaches you for meditation Although you are one of the skeptics that still do not believe in their benefits.

Meditation applications best of 2018

MasterClass: Learn Cook, Sing, Act and More

  • What is? Learn the skills
  • Available: iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple TV) and Android

Does not want You teach to cook, also to act, write, dance and short. This app brings videos from Gordon Ramsay, Serena Williams, Hans Zimmer or Cristina Aguilera, and you can learn something new every day with them. Lessons, tricks and tips with the best teachers.

Otter voice notes

  • What is? Creating notes
  • Available: iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

This smart app to take notes is available only in English (now), and Google has chosen one of the most practical 2018 applications. You can remember, search and share audio. Otter create smart voice memos audio, transcription, speech recognition, photos, or key phrases.


  • What is? Cook cooking
  • Available: iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

If you're not one yet you're tasty I'll introduce you to the magic of cooking videos, with which you'll make your mouth water. Application It has more than 2,000 recipes You can search for ingredients, native countries or difficulties. Do not spend time watching their culinary videos.


  • What is? Financial Aid
  • Available: Android

This app, apart from being one of the best options for Google in 2018, knows all about it Benefits of your credit card and see the offers of new products you have purchased.

Notion – Notes, assignments, Wikia

  • What is? Creating notes
  • Available: iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

Mobile is part of our lives, 24 hours a day, why not use anything to remind us in our hands. This app is one must Chat group This is notification service, task management, databases and remindersVery practical day


  • What is? to play
  • Available: iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

This is not only The best game chosen by Google, iTunes is the best option with Fornite and the user can choose the best game of the 2018 game. When it's time to get out of 100 players in a remote island, the winner takes everything. Locate players, collect their weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat each player in each battle.

** Google Play can check here the selected applications, games and content here. *

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