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These are the winners of Copihue de Oro 2018 Tell Me More


On the night of Monticello Gran Arena the red carpet will be shown to receive candidates from Copihue de Oro. However, this year the prize was made a few hours before.

Remember that They will be led by Sergio Lagos and Diana Bolocco. At La Cuarta, you will find the best entertainment in Chile.

El Filtrador says that every year the portal publishes a list of the best winners of the best radio, television and show in Chile.

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Official broadcast Channel 13 is responsible at 7:00 a.m., red carpet. The prize will begin at 22:30.

It matches the next winners

A new category and full of controversy. Due to the refusal of naming Fabio Torres's defense for Monito Vidal, a great campaign with international soccer players has been paid. and King Arthur will be the son of King.

Channel 13 wins the dethrone against recent wins in this category. Your new production Blood Pact It will be replaced by the recipient.

The program was the most voted among the program of interviews, competitions, news and shows Pasapalabra de Chilevisión.

For the fifth consecutive year, by repeating Luis Jara, José Miguel Viñuela and Karla Constant's space, Much Taste, it was a favorite.

  • Humor or humor

Mega will receive her second Copihue de Oro night with Morandé. The classical space of Kike Morandé, the year is still laughing in the air.

At night, it would be the first surprise, according to sources, in his Boat he would break his 2011 line. The 13th channel of the canal this year would lose the crown. "Special Report" TVN.

One of the best and most prestigious animator enthusiasts gains popularity in the eighth category. Tonka Tomicic would again make a Copihue de Oro.

In the case of entertainers, his partner at Condes Festival, Francisco SaavedraIt will be a winner.

  • King and queen Copihue de Oro

This, definitely, is the most important night and in the case of Queen's surprise. Pamela Diaz will be the queen, Karen Doggenweiler and María Luisa Godoy.

Regarding the king, Francisco Saavedra will rise to second position. With its programs, Speak and Storms and Tides, everyone won love.

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