Monday , October 25 2021

They catch the two stars left in the universe somewhere


In the universe, the forces that go beyond human understanding are violently incidentally fascinated. Sometimes sciences can sometimes catch some, as they had recently captured interacting with two black holes, and now they could crash the image of both stars.

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The European High Observatory of the Southern Observatory (ESO) has been achieved through highly sophisticated television, located in the desert of Atacama in Chile, one of the most privileged places of Earth observation due to its clarity and absence. humidity.

This photo is R Aquarii binary, 650 light years from the planet. The observation years have found a distinguished history of this spatial location, visible in the middle of this image: two stars, a red giant, a star type, known as the Mira variable.

"Although most of the binary stars are dancing for a vibrant gravity, the relationship between R Aquari's stars is more relaxed, but the smallest star of the pair is constantly stealing to kill their friend, a giant red," said ESO in a statement.

According to experts, what we see in the image is plasma and thermonuclear explosions. "By the way, the agony of this great star is already moving, but the impact of the white dwarf's white star turns into an astronomical situation in a painful cosmic show," he says.

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