Monday , November 18 2019
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They claimed they were receiving millions of retired PDIs

The police investigator arrested foreign workers in Chile to offer an advanced retirement fund for their pension funds.

According to the information provided, in order to determine fraud, the accused states that they are losing money and do not have a professional or technical qualification.

Later, the notaries of Santiago presented adulterated documents for the final management of the AFP and, consequently, to save money and save it.

"Yesterday, a certificate was made based on a complaint made by a notary public court in Santiago to validate some documents of other notaries by the Ecuadorian citizens," said the inspector. Dr. Juan José González.

"The purpose of this topic was to comply with certain requirements of the Law 18.156, for foreigners to withdraw their pension funds," Gonzalez said.

"In consultations and inquiries, when the persecution occurred, it was Ecuador's nationality, that these documents were presented, after the arrest," added the detective.

A man was not charged for the crime of foreclosure of the private tool and for some malicious use.

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