Monday , May 10 2021

They develop a device for detecting cancer with a sample of breathing

a clinical device Designed to detect different types cancer it is testing in the morning United Kingdom. Initiative driven Cancer Research UK It will be tested for two years, etc. breaths A person may state their presence cancer.

Call breath biopsy It aims to find out that the molecule given in the aerography can be useful to detect through this disease. According to recent research, it is believed cancer It can create a different pattern of volatile organic compounds (VOC) found in molecules produced in normal metabolic processes of the body, according to CNN Chile.

"Our goal is to know if we detect subtle differences," said Owlstone Medical, CEO and CEO of the device, said CNN. Billy Boyle.

For that, Cancer Research Center United KingdomThe project manager has contracted 1,500 participants to act as an internal control team for the healthcare team.

In the first place, the participation of patients stomach cancer and esophagus, then expand the tests prostate cancer, kidney, liver, pancreas and bladder.

Participants will take the device within 10 minutes to take a sample that will be analyzed in the laboratory. Owlstone Medical in Cambridge. This can identify the signs cancer They are similar or different, as well as the amount of time they need to know.

If the exam is involved, some participants will develop cancer, the samples will be compared with those who develop the disease.

"It is urgently needed to develop new tools, such as this breathing test, which can be detected and diagnosed cancer Earlier, giving the best chance of overcoming the illness, "said the teacher Rebecca Fitzgerald, research principal Cancer Research UK Cambridge Center.

In the same vein, Owlstone Medical founder and CEO, Billy Boyleand Cancer Research They accept that if it exists breath biopsies When doctors are used in practice, they are successful in determining whether patients should be diagnosed with other diagnostic tests. "Through this clinical trial, we want to find the necessary tests to detect cancers Earlier, this is a decisive step in the development of this technology, "he said. Fitzgerald in a statement

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