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They find a hidden region in the human brain


du human brain It's still amazing. Recently it has been found by the cartographer of this human body new brain region What I call Endestestiform nucleusThis discovery by George Paxinos AO Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).

Professor Paxinos suspected 30 years ago the existence of Nuclear Endorestiform, but now he has only seen better staining and image techniques. Commenting on this finding, the teacher Paxinos says he can compare it to find a new star.

"The regions It seems intriguing because we looked at the rhesus monkey and other animals, "said Professor Paxinos," this region may be the only human being that develops human beings as well as the size of the brain. "

The endorestiform nerve is placed inside the peduncle carved below, a field that integrates sensory and motorized information to improve our attitude, balance and motility movements.

"I can only guess its function, but by giving it a part of the brain it can be controlled fine motor"says Professor Paxinos.

The discovery made the teacher.

The findings of the region help researchers to study cures, such as diseases Parkinson's Disease and motorized illness.

Neurologists who study neurological or psychiatric illnesses use their teacher's maps Paxinos to drive your work. The most influential Atlas instructors at Paxinos are the highest accuracy to identify brain structures and are also used in neurosurgeons.

The understanding of the architectural and connectivity of the rural system has been more and more accurate in the last 100 years among the most important discoveries of neuroscience.

Atlas made by specialists.

"Atlas Professor Paxinos shows detailed morphology and links human brain and the spinal cord provides a critical framework for researchers to evaluate hypotheses of the synaptic function of the treatment brain diseases"said Professor Peter Schofield, Executive Director of Neura.

"Indeed, Elsevier is an honor to continue publishing the legacy of Professor Paxinos," said Natalie Farra, chief editor of Elsevier. "His books are recognized internationally for their experience and usefulness in the brain maps, and for their contributions to structure, function and understanding. brain development".

Professor Paxinos is the author of most popular neuroscience and 52 other brain maps are very accurate. Neuroscience and neuroscience follow the path of research on mapping, brain disease and disorders, to find and develop.

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