Friday , July 1 2022

They find a new brain region that can be linked to movements


The brain region, called endo-terminal kernel, They found themselves next to the crosshead of the spinal cord, which was first suspected 30 years ago, reported Monday by academic sources.

"The region is intriguing because it seems that Rhesus macaque and other animals do not look," said George Paxinos, brain cartographer and experts from the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

"It is important that the human brain is of great importance and that the nuclear endosystem may be one of them," said Australia's expert in Neuroscientific Research Australia and author of the World Reference Brain Atlas.

The endorestiform nerve is placed inside a smaller shear carved body, which integrates sensory and motor information, which sets our position, balance, and short-term motions, which includes hands, feet, fingers, lips or small language movements.

"I have only guessed its functions, but giving it a part of the brain can be under the control of the movement of motor motors," said the scientist.

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