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They find an unexpected danger in the cat

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Most cats are carriers of the parasite Toxoplasma gondiiThe brain is living and does not cause symptoms in most infected people, although acute cases of toxoplasmosis may be dangerous.

Researchers at the Copenhagen University Hospital (Denmark) have found that this parasite is much more dangerous than expected, when the human body enters the risk of schizophrenia, which increases by 50% and has been reported by Science Alerts.

80,000 volunteers participated in large-scale exams, 2,500 of whom underwent mental disorders. According to some tests, some of them were in the Toxoplasma gondii body.

Even though the relationship between schizophrenia and the parasite has been established in earlier studies, new studies have taken into account that the infection of the human being in the body was previously diagnosed by schizophrenia, so mental illness and Toxoplasma gondii were more pronounced.

In general, adults are at risk of developing non-healthy Toxoplasma gondii infections, but they are children or people with immune systems.

Pregnant women should also be careful because the parasite can cause abnormal or abusive fetuses.

To minimize the exposure of the toxoplasmosis, the authors of the article always prepare food at safe temperatures, take good care of fruits and vegetables, work with garden gloves and cat cats.

Research in 2017 has shown that Toxoplasma Gondola causes neuronal connections, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, epileptic disorders and certain types of cancers.

Meanwhile, a study published in July 2018 by Toxoplasma Gondii could have an entrepreneurial attitude. In addition, a 2016 study said the parasite destroys tumors in the ovary.


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