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They find new works on the ground of Raúl Schüler: one of the statues is evaluated above $ 200 million

There are 10 new statues that were found on the background of businessman Raúl Schüler, located in San Francisco de Mostazal in the O'Higgins Region. Some are from the General Cemetery, others from the Catholic of Santiago and also from the Cementery of Quillota. One of them is made of iron and has a cost of more than $ 200 million.

At least indicated by Commissioner Luis Mardones, head of the Metropolitan Bidema of the PDI. "One of the sculptures we found again was iron, imported from France, and that is worth about $ 200 million each."

I find it difficult to do

This belongs to a work that was removed from the Catholic Cemetery of Santiago, but it was not the only one. In fact, the commissioner indicated that they still can not quantify the value of everything found this Wednesday, which includes works of all kinds.

In fact, Mardones maintained that "there are species that have to do with loaves and other species of Mapuche origin."

"The valuation continues to increase in an impressive way," he added, stating that Wednesday's finding adds to the one that occurred last weekend.

It will be formalized in December

Meanwhile, O'Higgins regional prosecutor Emiliano Arias indicated that the participation of a band organized for this case was investigated.

"This investigation has been going on for a couple of months but it will continue. For the very characteristics of this crime it is clear that it was not committed by a single person: we are already talking about a crime committed by an organization that at the minimum means someone who orders , someone who steals and someone who transports, "added the persecutor.

It should be mentioned that these works will be added to what was found last week at the address of Raúl Schüler. In fact, from the Judicial Branch set for 20 December the formalization hearing of the entrepreneur.

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