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They get blood counts through blood biomarkers – Radio Santa Cruz

Washington, February 28. – American researchers developed a revolutionary test to gauge the pain of the patients, observing biomarkers on blood tests, published by specialized media.

During the study, scientists at the University of Indiana followed hundreds of participants to see blood biomarkers that reflect the severity of the pain of the patient's life.

Blood analysis allows the comparison between biomarkers to treat the possible treatment of each patient in an objective and quantifiably manner to solve the excesses of analgesic opioids.

The researchers used a prescriptive database to combine biomarkers with profiles containing data cataloged with natural compounds and compounds.

The psychiatrist Alexander Niculescu has often stated that the best identified treatment is not a composite opioid or drug.

In this sense, in the decades, some compounds used to treat illnesses combine with biomarkers.

Niculescu believes that in the context of current opioid epidemics, it has never been important to manage patients responsibly in a responsible way.

The opiate epidemic occurred because excessive prescription drugs were excessive, because it was not harmful, nor unhealthy, he explained Niculescu.

Research experts have found biomarkers in accordance with non-adjuvant pain medications, but also foresee future pain.

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