Saturday , June 10 2023

They have arrested the curse called "Scarlett Johansson", Chilean


Carabineros refugees seek refugees Carolina LeivaHe was named Chilean "Scarlett Johansson" after several trials in the jail time.

Women, 35, tried hard The crime of forgery and the misuse of public documents. Last year, he was arrested after applying for a loan as a replacement for his sister.

Leiva was arrested 4,347,360 pesos in cash and valuable species, such as Versace sunglasses, Chanel Watcha and Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton accessories.

Lieutenant Oscar Valdés, "Hello Chile", said "his scam exceeded 3,000 million pesos, which is very important. Diverse people were the world of entertainment".

"His modus operandi was very special: he obtained loans, loans, and public documents for a large amount of money," added Valdes.

Leiva stayed until the eighty-day period until 188, and there was no such thing since April. At that time he directed a normal life, telling his contacts When he went to see a tarotist.

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