Wednesday , September 28 2022

They have reported FF.EE. Carabineros threatened with Catrillanca's friend


Accompanied by 15 year olds Camilo Catrillanca During his death, M.P.CI would pick it up Threatened Carabinieri After his father's arrest, this Thursday.

Jorge Palacios Uniform staff was arrested in the municipality of Ercilla, along with other Mapuche communists, who had been deported to public roads because of the state of drunkenness and public disorder.

However, the prosecutor later stated that there was no truth under the influence of alcohol, which is why it was ordered to be released.

According to Palacios version, Carlos Huaquillan, a teenager's uncle, was a 9-year-old son, before the Court of Ercinilla, when a baby dropped a wagon. In response, Carabineros officials received a stream of water that reacted to her father's car.

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According to M.P.C and his father's version, after the arrest of civil servants Palacios They recognized the man and won it, creating already proven wounds. Then the teenagers would threaten to say: "You will fall, you, hueón".

Judiciary of the Judicial Unit of the National Human Rights Institute (INDH) Rodrigo Bustos, said the minor "was threatened, as the Carabineros staff said. He was told he would be worse than his father".

INDH presented legal actions to address the threats posed by children under 15, adding GPA officials to torture allegations.

The situation was internal minister, Andrés Chadwick, to instruct one research to determine responsibilities.

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