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Bitcoin and Software Engineer Pierre Rochard set up a step-by-step guide to installing Bitcoin and Lightning Network (LN) nodes through a new application called Lightning Power Node Launcher.

The guide published at the end of November describes the procedures and conditions for installing the nodes of these networks. In addition, it is used to configure the main network and Bitcoin and Lightning Network test network.

According to Rochard, The bandwidth is one of the basic requirements to consider, because the process needs to be synchronized with the Bitcoin chain, and Neutrino is not yet "mature" enough for the Bitcoin network. It should be noted that Neutrino LN technology is a technology that users do not manage all their nodes to carry out these transactions through the microbialisation network.

"Your computer must download and save data over 210GB of the Internet. Your bandwidth will be the bottleneck of this process, not your computer," said the engineer; It is also recommended to download bandwidth around 300 GB.

Rochard created a table to calculate the synchronization time, depending on the type of connection and download speed. For Rochard, having the capability to download and store Bitcoin block size limit was a debate. That is, larger blocks, the ability to sync and store the entire Bitcoin blockchain is greater; since they will not leave this power.

wide-band-download chain

The board created by Pierre Rochard to find out how long the Bitcoin chain can discharge, depending on the user's internet connection specifications. Source: Pierre Rochard

Rochard's other requirements were: the Bitcoin transaction index was recommended for around 7 GB of storage and more than 300 GB. Regarding operating systemsWindows and MacOS are compatible. Linux is also there, but the specialist recommends "only if you are comfortable with the command line".

After synchronization, the Lightning Power Node Launcher will connect to the network network and an application that synchronizes the Bitcoin test network to start the Lightning Network Daemon and create a computer LN box.

The application has been developed by Rochard, who is constantly making corrections. For now, the newest version of this technology is 5.1.1. This adds bug fixes to users creating LND wallets and installing them a few days ago.

Rochard said Be willing to help those who want to make use of the guide and their applicationYou can contact your e-mail or contact you Twitter account. This creator has created a Microsoft Excel add-on for sending and receiving Lightning Network payments.

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