Wednesday , January 26 2022

They promote rapid HIV test in a pedestrian walkway in Chillan


There was a chance to take rapid tests on HIV diagnosis this morning in Chillán, On the day of the dissertation led by Seremi de Salud and Ñuble Health Service (SSÑ).

Assessments can be requested by anyone, free of charge and without any social welfare, 29 in family-health centers and in the five community hospitals of Ñuble. They are made through a small blood sample through a finger through the fingertips, specifying the preliminary results by 100 percent.

"Ñuble has 470 case-controlled carriers, 59 new cases detected in 2018. "he said Seremi de Salud, Marta Bravo, "underlined the importance of detecting pathological time and developing proper treatment and monitoring properly."

Great interest

du SSÑ Director, Francisco López, expressed satisfaction with the initiative: "We expected a lot of people to come, but this result exceeded our expectations".

Rapid examination facilitates access to treatment, which does not require a medical request.

If the result is reactive, the blood sample will be taken from the patient to confirm the diagnosis of the Public Health Institute (ISP) and then the treatment guaranteed by GES / AUGE.

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