Monday , October 18 2021

They rank the lowest paid in Chile's higher education


After a few days of PSU results, a classification that reveals in The Latest News today reports badly paid jobs, depending on the type of organization.

The reason for this is races related to saturated markets, limited or few in the country.

Based on the data provided by, it directs the list Assistant to a different educator and educator of Párvulos educator, both technical training centers (CFT) and professional institutes (IP) and universities.

Talking about this reality, General Director of, Ramón Rodríguez, believes that, in the case of Párvulos education, there may be a drop in the birth rate: "According to this logic, preschool education demand is much lower than the volume issue, which is certainly Without it, it returns the smallest wages. "

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This list stands out Language and Communication Pedagogy, Industrial Design and Graphic Design better like paid university degrees.

In the case of pedagogues, although they continue to rank, the situation will change according to the Teaching Career.

"It's already confirmed Increase in the remuneration of council teachersIn the coming years, the nurseries that will be funded by state-funded private sector educators and state funding will open, "said Juan Eduardo Vargas, Director of the Department of Higher Education in Mineduce.

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