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They reveal alleged and "heated discussion" of Karen Paola and Nacho Gutiérrez that would have caused the departure of panelist Glamorama

Author: C. Z. / November 28, 2018

Intrusion kicked off Wednesday. The La Red show revealed that Karen Paola resigned in the Very Good Days. And not only that. The program said that it was the result of a "tremendous discussion" with a morning entertainer during a guideline.

"It was not in any circumstance, but after a tremendous discussion with one of the program's entertainers," said Ale Valle, the director of the space.

The information on the discussion was detailed by Michael Roldán. The intruder's panelist asserted that the fight was with Nacho Gutiérrez, one of the drivers of Muy Buenos Días. And it was born after Chiqui Aguayo expressed anxiety during a pattern:

Michael Roldán: "It was a discussion in a guiding meeting just yesterday, from Very Good Days. Resigned A news that had taken place yesterday, but that today, part of the team is finding out that it became effective … The reality is that she does not go anymore.

"There are several factors that Karen Bejarano had disenchanted, in her words, in the Very Good Days. But yesterday it was a fairly tense and special guideline meeting "

"I understand that yesterday a normal pattern was made, like all the teams, in which Chiqui Aguayo is part of expressing something super common in the guidelines, where she says that she does not have the space to comment or make her section. He says that the 'Chiqui morning' is getting less, 'they leave me outside,' they brought me to make humor and they are not giving me the space to make humor. '

"To what, for example, one of the bosses tells him" it's fine, Chiqui. We are going to the contingency, we have to touch a lot of news. Sometimes we can not reach your space. You are well valued and you can comment on the other topics. ' In front of whom Chiqui would have responded, 'I am interested in making humor. I do not want to be the next Consuelo Saavedra '. That is told in quotation marks. 'I want to make humor. Come to that, entertain '.

"They tell me that, in that past, Nacho Gutiérrez, morning entertainer, gives all the clothes to Chiqui Aguayo. And he says' I also agree that, among so much news, it is also necessary to have the touch of humor. With Chiqui, we scored very well. By the time he was doing very well. She has a special tone and she is a woman who. And, in addition, Chiqui, when you think, you have foundations.

"And in that past, they tell me that Karen Bejarano, who was in the guideline, would have said 'did I know what? I also want to take advantage and I want to say that, in reality, they also leave me without speaking on many occasions. I understand that I would have told him, directly, Ignacio Gutiérrez. Nacho, you, suddenly, I'm talking and I left halfway, cut my hand, do not let me express myself, do not let me finish the ideas, I can not talk all the time.

"And that's when, according to this informant, Nacho tells him, 'Did you know, Karen?' In good shape, you are as three changes below ', as well as energy, of encouragement. 'In addition, it is very important not to speak for speaking, but to speak when there is a foundation and a concrete opinion to give'. The thing about Karen comes from before. It is not a punctual episode.

"And they tell me that Karen Bejarano would have answered 'yes, but I also have problems.' And Nacho would have said 'perfect, but if you do not tell your problems, I do not have to know what kind of problem you have. Chiqui Aguayo did say that he had a problem and yes we had it as a morning. I am open doors. Tell me what they want, "said Nacho. 'La Chiqui had a tremendous problem. He lost his bus. If you do not tell me, I can not understand and it makes me wonder that you are three changes below and suddenly talk to talk '.

"There was an argument that told me, from the team, to the morning, it was a heated discussion, of a moment of the program, as they have lived on other occasions. But they tell me that Karen Bejarano took it very badly and, as a result, he would have resigned. "

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