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They robbed them of the robbery

This Thursday, Rosa Oyarce, Región Metropolitana de Salud SeremiIn the El Llano sector, he attempts at a portonazo located in the municipality of San Miguel.

When the official happened when he arrived at his house, he had six strangers looking six faces.

"Today, the daughter opened to open the door, It is intercepted by a glazed glass vehicle, from which six young men go down their faces, "said the Captain of Carabineros, Luis Segura, within 24 hours.

At that moment, horrified with arms, Oyarce attacked the attackers and caught the truck, even without being over them, avoiding vehicle theft and flight.

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According to official security, it is a health authority He reacted "nervousness, because the individuals were scared".

Shortly afterwards, Health Seremi spoke with the press to explain what happened to them: "They were 20 years old, they fell in the car and I put it in reverse. Then, as Pedal and I lost moment, I said: "I will not happen." What I did was reverse, go and attack and press the car (subjects).".

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"I tried to start the car and the boys in the car, but they turned the car back and forth again, but I took the speed to press again and started thereHe added.

Oyarce made a call to the community: "People should also be able to cope with this situation and do not leave this Carabineros job. It is also a work of neighbors. All neighbors immediately left (…) We can not commit ourselves to crime ".

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