Monday , May 29 2023

They say drinking beer craft gradually have some health benefits


Unlike traditional ones, the consumption of craft beer leads to a great deal of benefit to the human body, including preventing cellular aging, preventing constipation and reducing the risk of heart disease due to its highly natural composition.

Beer is one of the oldest beverages of humanity and the most popular in the world. After drinking water, tea and coffee, the pig is suffering and in Chile, per capita consumption is estimated at around 70 liters per year, since it is located in most Latin American countries.

Within this industry, the consumption of craft beer has increased in our country, showing a great deal in the market. "The difference between these two is the preparation: while traditional raw materials and non-natural preservatives are used, craft beer is made without a natural and extra process," says Francisco Podlech, the founder of Nexobeer, the company's craft brewing and distribution company.

Various studies have revealed a large number of health benefits of traditional beer and those that increase the consumption of craft beer. This does not mean that it allows them to take up their daily routines and abuse, but rather that that profit is moderately drunk.

The moderate consumption of beer decreased the risk of heart disease by 42%, according to the study carried out by Italian scientists published in the European Epidemiology Bulletin. That is, the polyphenol helps to reduce the risk of developing pathologies associated with the heart.

Since craft beer is 90% made with water, this hydration reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. "We go to the bath a couple of times, the kidneys are constantly functioning, healthy," says Podlech.

As for the above, craft beer has a high level of potassium and, according to the Spanish Association for Hypertension (hypertension and arterial hypertension and fight against the health and information center), it produces a diuretic effect. Water and electrolytes in the body, avoiding constipation.

There was another curiosity that indicated the moderate consumption of beer in previous research: the presence of brisket antioxidants helps reduce oxidative phenomena responsible for cellular aging. In other words, beer is slowing down in old age.

"Craft beer ingredients are natural origin, partly healthy drink, which also benefits many, Chile, consumption and production are growing, reaching supermarkets and emerging businesses, which allows craftsmanship to expand in different parts of the country "he explained.

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