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They seemed to be an International Superstar Soccer

du International Superstar Soccer Konamik was a video game series developed for Nintendo and Sony for nearly 10 years.

The reputation of the title creates an ancient nostalgia gamers In the 90s, the surnames point to the point Fiction of the game characters footballers were really inspired.

Several fans deduced themselves: From Colombia, Murillo was Carlos Valderrama, with Italian Galfano Roberto Baggio, Van Wijk from Holland to Ruud Gullit, among others.

However, this time, Konami revealed the official version of some characters. It was the most amazing Allejo, the main figure of Brazil, inspired by Bebeto.

The player himself was very upset and admitted to his Twitter account, "it's very nice to know, after so much time, I inspired Konami Allejo, one of the most famous video game characters. Thank you for the tribute! "

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