Monday , May 29 2023

They shattered cheap shoe shops with luxurious luxury local players


There are only a few that you pay for something exclusive, low, and therefore luxury. He took advantage of US stores Payless.

In fact, a footwear company for creating a website and Instagram account enabled a group of social media agents to be assembled. In fact, he decided to not have a new store. Additionally, at least $ 640 million ($ 430 million pesos) would have to be paid at least because it is really cheap.

A part of the viral campaign denounced by CNN led to the emergence of a false new luxury home called "Palessi", which was located in a shopping center in Los Angeles. In the grand opening, 80 players were invited, the shelves were cheap payless shoes, the prices were expanded under the excitement of exclusivity and the rest was opened two days later.

Among the comments of Influencers, stories about "sophisticated" shoes presented at the store could be trapped and even $ 500.00 would have to pay $ 19.99 dollars ($ 13,500 pesos).

In total, he sold 3 thousand dollars in the store for two days, but all the money was returned to the agents. In Payless, they also paid a small amount of epoch fabric ovens and forced them to participate. And, of course, the company also won a commercial showcase for trendy shoes on the market.

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