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They want to cuddle "champion" at home: they will try to secure a title against UC Higgins against UC O. | football


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Leonardo Rubilar | ONE agency

The most important thing to do is to pain Catholic University Season 2018. That is, & # 39; Crusaders & # 39; The Higgins of Rancagua San Carlos de Apoquindo.

"UC", the absolute leader of the National Championship, The champions could be crowned if he won "Celestes" and the University of Chile and the Universidad de Concepción, respectively. This last option will be for preorders to reach the local situation.

Among the students Beñat San José The competition will be 55 points, two units above "U" and three "Campanile", "Crusaders" the only frame that can get the title title.

To play Rancagua, San Jose is not injured César Fuentes and Diego Rojasalso White Ampuero It will be low as a result of a viral infection.

But his opponent does not have the "Crusaders" easy. Directed Marco Antonio Figueroa They have the chance to choose the Copa Sudamericana for 2019, which requires a dense one.

Capo de Provincia & # 39; s is ninth on the location table, with just two points in the Spanish Union, at the last minute ranked in the continental competition.

Also, & # 39; Celestes & # 39; Figueroa & # 39; Ghost & # 39; control is lostThree great wins and two draws, and the excitement of returning to take part in international competitions in the ranchaginians.

Promises will have a Catholic university and O & # 39; Higgins stars, At 5:30 p.m., Sunday, November 25 San Carlos de Apoquindo stadium. Duel will direct the referee Roberto Tobar and you can follow all the details BíoBíoChile.

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