Thursday , January 21 2021

They want to radically change Twitter and make a community

The application of new studies and changes that can change the face of the social network.

Twitter is a truly open social network. However, it also has the previous challenges. Encountering about harassment, dialogue management, and the perception of community perception in general is a matter. For this reason, they are launching a new program.

While the company is already testing for certain users, this new beta program will work differently. In the coming weeks, virtual space will be launched so that selective user groups can have different functions through another application.

Twitter will analyze the opinion of these users and find a way to implement new tweeter functions. This group, even when it is reduced to the total, can share public features, discuss and comment freely with other people. Sara Haider, Twitter's product management manager, has sent to TechCrunch:

"Since it's not the traditional beta, it's the last step in the beginning, we take people's minds early, a new product development product, we know that changes are quite important and we need to be part of this process to find out how we're building a good experience."

What's next?

Once admitted to the beta program, users can download another beta application. What do you find In the beginning, the colors will notice the answers to the main messages. Likewise, colors will be used to identify the people you follow and those who do not.

Another interesting topic that will be tested will be algorithmically prescribed responses. Also, when you read long threads, you can mark the details that interest you later or return later.

Also, another experiment that Twitter analyzes is what to do with the voting interactions to make the answers look easier. Immediately posting messages or clicking on them is a question. In this area, they would serve to eradicate the typical heart of pleasure.

Of course, all this will be evaluated over the next months, with feedback from social networks. A step by step social network like Twitter.

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