Saturday , January 23 2021

They will announce a surprise departure to the manager

On the other hand, the Director of Legal Affairs will take on a new location from the 1st of February of this year.

As the trend of the last few months, Cencosud announced new changes in the new management level, as Eric Basset, the current director of the home improvement department, leaves the functions of January 31 this year.

Basset took control of Cencosud in October of 2018, when Horst Paulmann announced internal changes to the executive.

Indeed, the details of the trader can be inferred from the fact that Basset's departure is due to personal reasons, and his replacement will be notified in a timely manner.

On the other hand, the Director of Legal Issues by Sebastián Rivera Martínez will take on the new Court of Justice and Institutional Relations today from February 1. Rivera is a lawyer and law magistrate and has been involved with the businessman Paulmann for 13 years.

And these have not been the only change in Cencosud over the last few months. In mid-December, the director of the Financial Corporation of Rodrigo Larraín was notified and the corporate director of Human Resources Rodrigo Hetz, on December 31, left the company.

A few weeks later, Renato Fernandez announced his call at the Kutxabank Department, to go to Codelco.

On the same day, the company announced that Sebastian Conde will receive a new Human Resource Management Corporation from the 1st of March this year.

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