Thursday , June 24 2021

They would turn society on the other side of the Earth

There have been many questions what would happen if the earth began to move on from the beginning to its origins. And, according to the science video channel published on Monday morning, SciShow would be one of the major corners that would be damaging the weather.

If it happened, it should be The Coriolis effect, which explains the curve that moves something that turns the other object. One example is the sun and the sunset, which would change the direction. Winds, for example, oceanic or current loops, are an example of what would happen.

Within the framework Geocaching Union General Assembly, researchers have made possible changes based on Earth simulation for over 7,000 years. Sahara and the Middle East desert were covered by pastures and forests.

As for the example above, The study does not predict how much effect it may have. The video gives you an idea how to rotate the earth that rotates the parts of our history from the west to the east.

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