Thursday , August 11 2022

They've found a new brain region


Gerardo Schafer [email protected]

A group of scientists have found a new brain region associated with small body movements. The extra thought that we can never find in other primates for humans becomes.
Responsible George Paxinos Neuroscience and Neuroscience Research Australia (Neura) in neuroscience, his team was discovered as the endocrine nucleus called Neuroscience Research, which is part of the peduncle below the stem cell (endo), which is also called the whole body. It is based on the brain, close to the spine.
This area brings sensory and motor information from our bodies to improve our behavior, balance and movement.
"The lower cerebellar peduncle is like a river that gives information from the spine and from the brain to the cemetery," said Paxinos ScienceAlert. "The endo-terminal nucleus is a neuron group, and this river is an island," he added.
Paxinos confirmed the existence of the structure of the brain that developed a relatively new technique of cerebral sperm in order to make the brain tissue more clear in the latest neuroanatomy atlas.
The researcher received guidelines for receiving endorestiform nuclei that existed in decades. In a procedure called an anterolateral therapeutic cordial disorder, in order to alleviate the pain and extreme pain of the spinal pathways, he and his colleagues felt that the long fibrous fibroids ending in the endoplasic nucleus.
The position of the weak part of the brain is suspected by Paxinos that he may be involved in motor control, which has not yet been identified in other animals, marmosets or rhesus monkeys.
"I can not imagine playing a chimpanzee as we play guitar, even if they like music," said Paxinos.
Men get their brains at least twice as much as chimpanzees (1,300 grams vs. 600 grams), and movement indicators have a greater percentage of brain neurons compared to motor neurons: 20% vs. 5 points. in other primates.
Therefore, the endorestiform nerve can be another special characteristic in our nervous system, still to be said. That's why Paxinos is ready to work with chimpanzees soon.
In order to find out what the function of the nuclear terminal might be, we must wait for a resonance of the magnetic resonance to learn a survivor.
Myth is well known for years, it is spreading to society, that is, we only use 10 percent of the brain, with the desperation of many, the false one. Albert Einstein is also recognized as the creator of this myth.
We know two phenomena that can explain the misunderstanding. Nine cells of the brain are called nine glial cells, they provide support cells and physical and nutritional support in the other 10% of cells responsible for "thinking". But this does not mean that the percentage does nothing, but only has other functions.
In fact, scientists do not explain some of the brain's abilities, such as dreams, memories and how to enter, consciousness or identity.

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