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This activity may reduce your blood pressure, as a medication

Data from almost 400 tests analyzed by the researchers suggest that people with high blood pressure, such as walking, swimming, and weight training are the same as most medications used to treat high blood pressure. However, the team warns People have not stopped taking their medications until they have completed their studies.

"We do not believe, based on our analysis, Patients should continue to prevent their antihypertensive medications"He told the British journalist, Naci New Scientist, that it is a good idea to recommend that physicians begin to start exercising for patients, but we need to make sure that the interventions mentioned by patients refer to them and, therefore, they are really beneficial.

Huseyin Naci, London School of Economics and colleagues, have studied 194 trial data, which cause drugs, reduce blood pressure and evaluate the impact of structured 197 trials. The tests were almost total 40,000 people, but nobody compared them directly to a medication.

The group had lower blood pressure than those treated with medication by those treated with structured exercises. But the analysis only had those with high blood pressure, so exercise was medication as effective.

A combination of endurance exercise, such as cycling and walking, and dynamic resistance training, such as weight training, has been effective in reducing blood pressure.

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Bleach is also known Hypertension causes four adults to suffer from four, although many people do not know it. If left untreated, it can increase the risk of problems heart and stroke.

In the group of cardiovascular diseases, Hypertension is the main risk factor for death and worldwide, mainly due to myocardial infarction, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, peripheral vascular disease and heart failure. This risk increases if the illness lives with others, especially with diabetes.

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Depending on the general burden of overall illnesses, every year 1.6 million deaths, American heart disease diseasesThey are about half a million people Under 70, that is, to avoid premature death. du Hypertension affects between 20-40%. Depending on the adult population in the region and means in the Americas 250 million people have high blood pressure.

This is the first cause of illness in developed countries; the second cause of illness, after smoking in developing countries; The first cause of the stroke and heart failure and the acute symptom of the coronary are the second cause.

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