Monday , June 14 2021

This army robot feeds us autonomously, we only have concerns about socialization

We are at dinner and instead of talking to our partners, we need to worry about eating our food using our hands and eating our own mouths. Well, that is, a group of investigators want to avoid creating it "Kiss-A-Dine."While we're worried about interacting with other people we're eating, we'll have a robotic arm.

Exit Games A team of researched researchers were created at the Australian RMIT University and the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design. eating is "more social experiences".

"Social Experience Based Food System"

It is a curious reflection, according to its creators The technological advances prepare food and not the experience of consuming them. As was said, "Arm-A-Dine" was designed to increase the social experience of eating, "it is a shared eating experience for two people with nutrition."

And its appeal would be to power the robot and the table to feed his friend. & # 39; Arm-A-Dine & # 39; make up robotic arm vestA facial recognition system equipped with a mobile phone to help people decide to pick up food.

saying The facial recognition system is based on statements on the faceIf he smiles, his arms will give him food; On the other hand, if a person says grief, the weapon would know that this person is not wanting food at that moment.

According to the negligence, "Arm-A-Dine" is a response to the growing "loneliness epidemic". Avoid people interacting with their mobile phone and interacting with other people, and that is to say, they should be eating and having a social event.

& # 39; Arm-A-Dine & # 39; It's a prototype, and so far there's no marketing planTherefore, the operation is essential, so the robot arm has limited movements and is compatible with foods, and the user must be unoccupied at least ten centimeters to be security for security.

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