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This is the list of the most exciting 9-beef cows according to a specialized website

"What traditional craft beer is distinguished"., Francisco Podlech, Nexobeer, a company dedicated to the dissemination and distribution of craft beer.

To this end, "today, in the north of our country, the beer is very heterogeneous, because they use local ingredients to obtain local identification."

At the end of each year, tradition is the classification of the best products in the School of Sensors, the 2018 Beer Guide. For this purpose, different tasting phases were taken into account: visual, oil, pleasure and final evaluation. Each beer had a score of between 1 and 5, with 1 beer and 5 beer that touches the perfection.

1. Extra soft black outside color

Originally in Valdivia, this beer earned 4.85 points, placing it as the winner of the day. Although the alcoholic level of this beer is enough, it's also 8º, with a touch of balsamic, chocolate and malt, with small toffee.

2. TROP SALUM WIPA (fresh pits)

In the second place, the score of 4.82 points is 7.2 degrees for alcohol. In Peñaflor, it has a pleasant smell and citrus notes, since it is a very refreshing beer, especially in cold days.

3. Zigurat American Pale Ale

This beer has a very exotic aroma, mixes mint, street and fruit, such as grapefruit and mango. "Although there is little bitterness, the mint is very well balanced because it becomes a very refreshing summer afternoon, especially because there is so much alcohol, so you can get more thirst for more than two days." the experts

4. Jester Luptopia (West Coast Imperial Ipa)

In fourth place, with 4.80 points, it is a golden dark blue. The scents of the forest mix with bitter taste to make a beer for a dinner.

5. Szot Imperial Red Ale 2016 (10 years old)

The beer from Talagante comes with delicious ingredients. Alcohol 8 degrees, similar to most beer crushed on the west coast of America. The key to this beer is malt. It has a perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness with citrus, toasted and caramel smell.

6. Hail Tue Tue Imperial Black HBC 472

Olmué's aroma with a unique flavor, nuts, sweet bread and brandy decoration are scents and flavors.

7. Jester Saison (Belgian farmhouse Ale)

From the capital, Garagardo Guida obtained this beer at 4.75 points in 2018. Although low alcohol levels, it reminds us of the desire of gin.

8. Szot Kriek Barricas Series 2017

Once again, Peñaflor comes with aromatic aromas that are able to distinguish between cherry and apple cider, a good mixture and a good acidification.

9. Trog Salum ORIS (American oak)

With a score of 4.75 points, this beer of 9 degrees of alcohol is used to simulate pastry desserts, such as black jelly or tiramisu. The tone looks like a delicious beer, which has flavors like flavors and landscapes.

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