Tuesday , January 19 2021

This is what Google has announced on CES 2019

Everything related to Google Assistant news.

As you know, the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 is taking place in Las Vegas, and, of course, Google was among the many companies that took advantage of the platform to announce its news.

Below is a summary of the advertised CES 2019 advertised by Google. Google Assistant has a great care, through Virtual Artificial Assistant.through TechCrunch).

To begin with, Google reveals that the contributor will be one billion billion devices worldwide this month, which is undoubtedly a spectacular image.

Today, the company has released an update for iOS and Android Google Assistant, considering that it will have more Android features, because they have a more flexible flexibility in the platform, although it is useful in both sections.

And because of the promise it has made for some time, Google will soon integrate with the Assistant and Sonos speakers, first with devices with Integrated Microphones like Sonos One and Sonos Beam.

In addition to the incompatibility, he will also be a contributor to Samsung's televisions in 2019 and America's clothing boxes.

It also reveals that Lenovo is developing and developing a smart watch that targets a retailer of $ 80, $ 80, and has the intention of using it in the room, such as alarm clock and relaxation, as well as regular entertainment and smart home entertainment.


In the end, we have talked about the new Interpretation Mode, which is capable of translating conversations in 27 languages ​​and Google Assistant Connect. The platform is standardized, so that developers can implement it at an affordable price.

In this way, Google goes through everything with its assistant, with the idea of ​​implementing it in different devices and the evolution of traditional searches.

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