Wednesday , October 20 2021

This Porsche and BMW charger only has 3 minutes for cars that offer 100 km of autonomy in electric cars


The new FastCharge station is three times larger than Tesla Superchargers.

While the electric car market has grown dramatically, one of the most criticized parties is charging the battery, and today Porsche and BMW have presented a new prototype charging stationthrough The Verge).

A group of leading partners such as Porsche and BMW presented a charging station called FastCharge Three times higher than the current Tesla Superchargers, 100 km of autonomy, three minutes of charging or a BMW i3 of 10 to 80 in 15 minutes.

So, with a better idea that FastCharge has a capacity of 450 kW, the maximum capacity of the Tesla charger is 145 kW and it is intended to increase 250 kW in 2019, it is also clear that the new option is below the Porsche and BWM.

However, some points must be taken into account with FastCharge, one is useful and the other is that technology is not available to all of the electric vehicles today.

The current FastCharge prototype is in Germany and can be extended for a long time to the new infrastructure, and it should be noted that new automobiles will be able to design a large amount of energy. Unlike modern-day boundaries.

Companies that work to improve loading stations allow electric cars to channel more opportunities.

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