Wednesday , January 20 2021

This would be a new feature application for this 2019

For 2019, according to the WABetaInfo portal, new rumors about the application updates have been created.

The site was revealed what would be some novelty? This would bring a new update where some tests were doing beta.

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It is a new function Sending and forwarding messages.

Although it is still in the test phase, it will be possible to find out in the future how many times he has sent the message also Frequently forwarded messages.

In detail, a person forwarding a message to a photo or video. When you leave the message, you will see how much content you have forwarded for other contacts.

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It should be noted that the function would only work with the messages sent by the user and not the full scope of the message. So if you send a meme, you can see how many times your message is forwarded, but if you send a contact to a group and another user by sending another group to another meme, unfortunately, your memo scope is not available.

Frequently, when forwarded messages exceed five or more times, the "forwarded" message, which appears at the top of the message, changes "frequently forwarded".

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In this way, if you're in a group, the participants know that the message is not yours, and it's likely that a string or news is fake.

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