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Through molecular therapy, the IMSS will serve patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis


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CDMX. 29th of December 2019.- Beneficiaries of quality of life and rehabilitation rheumatoid arthritis who do not improve serious or conventional therapies, has the treatment of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) molecular therapy In the XXI Century at the Hospital of the National Medical Center, there is a joint destruction that causes a person with disabilities.

The last generation of this treatment, also known as biological therapy, acts as a inhibitor of a molecule that causes inflammation of the joint processes.

Doctors Alina Hernández Bedolla, attached to the Specialty Rheumatology Service of the Centers, patients treat this therapy when they do not have conventional treatments and evaluate the pre-evaluation of the Social Security rheumatologists when evaluating the characteristics of each person. Symptoms presented.

Around 1.5% of the Mexican population has had rheumatoid arthritis, those who are affected by 35-50 years, who are financially active and suffer from this illness, three men suffer for each man. The most harmful parts of the body are the hands, elbows, knees, spinal spine and they're hip

The specialist explained that the exact cause of the disease is unknown, however, people infecting or infecting genetic predisposing factors and viral infections cause this condition and cause illness & # 39; It wakes up, which is why it is recommended that joint pain symptoms, inflammation and volume increase in the joints.

He highlighted the specialties of the CMN Siglo XXI Hospital to provide services to beneficiaries of various Mexican and local communities, from 800 to two thousand and 500,000 patients from the units. Medical and hospital, in many cases, complications and advanced joint pain.

Dr. Hernández Bedoll has said that among the beneficiaries of the condition, up to 26% or even at 6%, corrective orthopedic surgery may be necessary during the illness, after initiating the treatment.

Additionally, the evolution of rheumatoid arthritis can lead to artificial healing and deformation without medical healing, so it is important to get early diagnosis and to initiate the appropriate treatment to prevent the progress of the disease, so it is recommended that you take pain and inflammation in the joints with the doctor and not pain-prone machines -medicate

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