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Thus, a quick trial of homework that you can do

"We have at least 50% of the population with at least HIV does not know how to live with the virus, " Emilio Santelices, Health Minister, to detect new contacts in the middle of the new portfolio portfolio.

New cases for 2010 and 2010 increased by 96%, 2,968 and 5,816, and quick test It can be a key piece to avoid its spread.

In particular, the authorities signed an agreement with the 18 state universities to promote prevention, promotion and access to fast access.

How to do it

ChV News journalists, Iván Núñez, it was tested step by step with a device in the market:

  1. Clean the surface of a finger to be used for sampling.
  2. It runs through the finger penetrated needle and two or three drops of blood are removed.
  3. The sample is placed in the test and the result is expected in 15 minutes.

Prevent infections

Auto-testing is a method of knowing someone who is HIV-positive, and therefore they can take measures to prevent others from infecting them.

According to Minsal, it is one of 10 countries that has increased pollution in the last 8 years in Chile. Kondomsk is included in the portfolio strategies: increase access to men's and women's compositions, inclusion of predictions and post-exposures against higher-risk groups.

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