Monday , October 3 2022

Tipographer »Rat in the neighborhood of Rengo in the case of the virus hanta


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O & # 39; Higgins District Health Secretary, Rafael Borgoño, has reported a case report on the late hantavirus virus. "Today, we confirm the Public Health Institute (ISP), a young man from the neighborhood of the Rengo neighborhood, according to the Hanta virus, this year is the fourth case in the O & O Higgins area, which would be the first case of the summer season, with three more cases Between January and March this year, "said the authority.

Burgundy "is a patient in the neighborhood of Rengo, Lo de Lobo. We are investigating the origin of this illness, when he was in work, at home."

Health Seremi interacts with her family and the people she worked with, since it is important to determine where and how it is infected. Yesterday, in the Tórax hospital, the young man maintains his seriousness.

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