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To board? The reading of Sergio Jadue was postponed on May 21

Again the same. Read sentence Sergio Jadue to participate in the FIFA corruption scandalIt was postponed to the sixth time in the United States.

Journalist, subject expert, Ken Bensinger Former Chilean presidential football will have to wait six months before the FIFA Gate for the final trial of the US Court of Justice. In fact, the budget was December 12.

"The criminal sentence of Sergio Jadue is delayed until May 21 FIFA door. Both Jadue and the Prosecutor agreed with the change"he wrote on his Twitter account, it's a date that Naval Glories is a celebration of the day.

Of course, Bensinger's "By the way, he would receive what he said on December 12. Of course, Guatemalan Rafael Salgado will receive his sentence on December 6. Question: why do they do some, and others do not?".

han, Judge Pamela K. Chen will give the ball Calerano, who is it? United States Since November 2015, committed to corruption crimes in the FIFA portal.

That's why, Jadue goes to prison for 20 years in prison and criminal offense. As a result of the cooperation with the US Justice, the defense wants to reduce the pain of 5 years in the United States.

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