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To pay attention to emotional symptoms of idiopathic lung fibrosis, according to an expert


Posted 12/12/2018 at 13:27:44CET


Patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) present emotional symptoms, and they also have to pay attention to, for example, the fear of suffering, the feeling of uncertainty about the future or avoid doing anything to prevent them. It is often "when patients read the disease statistics," according to the Jacob Sellarés Clinical Hospital pneumologists.

The expert in the seventh class of patients with IPF, the Physiopulmonary Joint Idiopathic Association (AFEFPI) and Roche, jointly organized the initiative, explained that it is necessary to find out more about "furthering the disease before consulting" and "beyond" the digital environment.

In his view, these types of events "allow patients to solve their doubts" and "create trusting spaces to share experiences with others and family members". IPF is a rare and progressive disease without any cure that affects around 7,500 people in Spain. They are emotionally burdensome to people and their environment.

One of the major challenges facing IPF experts is early detection. In this regard, Dr. Sellarés explained that current treatments, due to anti-fibrous medication, "slow down their progression, while the disease does not evolve too much", improving the quality of life of the patients.

Researchers are therefore challenged to discover the causes of the disease and look for "new and more efficient ways to combine with current treatments". To this end, "it is important to encourage patients to participate in new clinical trials," he concluded.

At the meeting, the importance of advanced illness-related illness was also emphasized in order to find out about the illness and improve the diagnosis of exclusion. As a result, newer units of interstitial and unit sickness have been created with communication channels for Primary Care, which has accelerated early detection.

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