Sunday , May 16 2021

"Today, play with me all games": Guillermo Maripán remarks Hugo Alarcón to his friend with a deep message: National Football

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National team wrote emotional social networks after the death of the 26-year-old footballer. He had a close relationship with him in both universities.

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Due to unknown reasons, on Friday, he died at age 26 Hugo Alarcónfootball was formed Catholic University He made steps for several groups and he wore a T-shirt Sports Iberia last season The young participant took part in the small series of pre-arranged players with the current advocate of Alava (Spain) Guillermo Maripán, in the social networks, he offered us solid words to remember his friends.

After reviewing some anecdotes for teens, "Tiqui de San Carlos" seemed like a former, full of heartfelt words, he liked them. "Brothers who choose".

They report the death of Hugo Alarcón, trained in UC and who have given up in the last semester in Iberia