Wednesday , May 18 2022

Tomás Jocelyn-Holt was punished until with the Las Condes pipeline


du lawyer and former candidate Tomas Jocelyn-Holt He was sanctioned first person The Counts This municipal ordinance Fine for those who smoke in parks and squares.

Sent mode Third, Jocelyn-Holt In a predefined way-for example, Twitter, "added Parque Los Dominicos, and voluntarily asked, A municipal inspector would fix it. The Mayor, Joaquin Lavin, wanted to demonstrate that this measure was "invasive and repressive".

According to the city council, the lawyer was amazed Smoking tobacco in a pipe at 12:04 a.m. Saturday, The municipal ordinance began on the day.

"The law establishes whether or not you smoke. It is not a municipality"Jocelyn-Holt argued, and the mayor of Las Condes, Joaquin Lavin, said that" he does not care (he is punished) as a former parliamentarian. If someone smokes and does not comply with the order, it must be fine".

It should be noted One person who violates this rule risks finishing five UTMs (About 241 thousand pesos).

Critics a bit

Lavin's criticism has also been criticized by members of the coalition: Deputy of Evoplius Luciano Cruz-Coke has criticized Twitter through the municipal ordinance, and assured that the City did not recognize it.

In this context, the mayor, Joaquín Lavín, responded to the parliamentary, as a municipality They were administrators of public spaces, so they had the power to take these measures.

As detail LUN, Deputy Evopoli Luciano Cruz-Coke Improved bill for improving and enforcing regulatory regulations to prevent municipalities Measures taken by the municipality of Las Condes.

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