Monday , November 18 2019
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Trump is ready against the next Huawei and ZTE

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It will leave us a new chapter in the war trade between China and the United States, with more obstacles in the north of Huawei and ZTE.

That is, just like the case of Meng Wanzhou, today Donald Trump wants to ban the Chinese brand new ink in the new ink.

According to Bloomberg reports, the operator is prohibited from using Huawei and ZTE hardware in the context of the power given to them in "national priority cases". what do they want to do?

According to the source, the devices of these brands will prohibit the use of American soil, many of which are rural operators, with the cheaper parts of these Chinese brands cheaper.

According to reports, it is clear from the US government that China and the United States have been spying on brands. The brand has repeatedly denied the two brands.

Just today, we delivered the rotary chairman of the company, delivered by Huawei, Ken Hu, fully:

Security is our top priority and exceeds everything else. The rotating Lehendakari had the opportunity to build cybersecurity evaluation centers in the United States and Australia, the UK, Canada and Germany centers to address and mitigate possible concerns. Huawei has made the most demanding reviews and assessments for regulators and customers to understand and deal with their concerns. However, evidence does not mean that our equipment is a security threat.

Hu recalled to the Chinese Foreign Ministry that it was formally announced that the law does not require companies to compel mandatory doors, and they have said that there are legal contexts that establish legal limits for companies operating in the standards. In addition, Ken Hu has stated that China's laws are like those of the United States, and the involvement of the private sector to promote terrorism prevention and cybersecurity.

Huawei continues to understand its openness, transparency and independence, as well as a conversation about them. He said that there is evidence or evidence of these concerns, governments that have shared with telecommunication operators, even if Huawei or the general public were not. However, nothing was presented.

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