Tuesday , January 18 2022

Trump manufactures Apple iPhones in the US UU. Instead of china


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January 04, 2019 – 05:48 p.m.


EFE Agency

The US president, Donald Trump, today calls for Apple to transfer its mobile products and other products from China to the United States and will be persuaded.

"Apple wants to manufacture all of its products that it manufactures and manufactures its iPhones, and that is something that will happen," said the president at a press conference at the White House.

The Trump journalist question asked the appertain company to explore the expectations of the apple company's first quarter of 2019. That amounted to $ 84 billion. dollar

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This figure stands at between the forecasts of 89,000 and 93,000 million.

"Do not forget that Apple manufactures its products in China, Tim Cook (the CEO of the company), who is my friend," I manufacture your products in the US. In the US, "make sure Trump.

"China is one of the best ones of Apple, more than us", the president disseminated the administration with the Chinese government in a new episode of the commercial war.

Trump said that the last drop in the stock market was not concerned about revising sales expectations and increasing the value of the markets since the presidency.

The apple orchid will publish the latest results (October, November and December, 2018, but constitute the first quarter of the 2019 fiscal year) at the beginning of February.

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